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About The Trial Lawyers College

The Trial Lawyers College is dedicated to training and educating lawyers and judges who are committed to the jury system and to representing and obtaining justice for individuals; the poor, the injured, the forgotten, the voiceless, the defenseless and the damned, and to protecting the rights of such people from corporate and government oppression. In all of its activities, the Trial Lawyers College will foster and nourish an open atmosphere of caring for people regardless of their race, creed, religion, national origin, physical abilities, gender or sexual orientation.

Eric Allen has attended a number of programs at Thunderhead Ranch in Dubois, Wyoming. This includes a three-week course in September of 2013. It also includes the Death Penalty seminar from 2009-2014. This program is far more than legal education. It has taught how to be a better person.

Most lawyers want the BMW. The country club. A house on the hill. Most of the time its recognition that they are the smartest, the richest, the most brilliant legal mind. Then there are us who are concerned about justice.

This magic place nestled on sacred Shoshone land doesn’t appear to be much. There are a number of Wyoming style bungalows, two barns and a cookhouse. That is exactly what you think as you first look at it.

Then you start to work on yourself. You are forced to communicate with others. You are forced to look inside yourself. To see why you are a lawyer. To see if you are a warrior.

I know that I left that place better than when I arrived. As a lawyer. As a father. As a husband. And most definitely a better friend.

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