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The state must prove your case beyond a reasonable doubt. Choose a lawyer that will force them to do their job.


You only have one shot at the direct appeals process. This is where you raise all of the errors that occurred on the record.  The record is anything said that was typed by the court reporter.  The record is also any motions filed by you or your attorney.

Post Conviction

Post conviction is a generic term for litigation that follows a guilty plea or a trial.  This is all other attacks on your conviction.  Examples include a motion for a new trial, a motion to withdraw a guilty plea, a petition for post conviction relief, and the filing of extraordinary writs.

Habeas Corpus

Habeas forces the warden of the prison to show that the person in his care is not being held in violation of his constitutional rights.


Clemency is the act of forgiving a convicted person, granted by the governor.

Sex Crimes

Including rape, sexual battery, solicitation, etc. Anyone convicted of these crimes face being marked for the rest of their lives.

Violent Crimes

Whether a person has lost their life or been hurt, you need someone to fight to clear your name when the police believe you did it.

College Crimes

College can be a wonderful experience.  If you have fun and get arrested,  You need a lawyer that can save your educational career.

Drug-related Offenses

Drugs have taken over the state of Ohio. If you find yourself caught up in this war on drugs, you need a lawyer who will help you.

Theft Offenses

A conviction for a theft offense will make it difficult to find a good job. You need a lawyer who will fight to protect your future.

Traffic Offenses

Traffic offenses are the most common interaction with the criminal justice system. We handle traffic matters all over Ohio.

Alcohol-Related Offenses

Whether you drank too much and drove home or were caught using a fake ID, our office has handled cases related to drinking.

Wherever you are

The great state of Ohio is a big place. There are eighty-eight counties and countless small towns and cities. Our firm has traveled from Toledo to Ironton, Cleveland to Cincinnati, and everywhere in between.

The firm has practiced in numerous counties throughout Ohio and is always willing to travel to new ones.

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For every single client, we give our all. All of our tenacity, all of our experience, and all of our knowledge.

Eric Allen is someone who will stop at nothing to fight for what is right. He represents his clients with vigor, passion and dedication. With a wealth of knowledge of both trial and appellate issues in criminal law, he utilizes his experience and creativity to establish the most effective defense for his clients.

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