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We do not represent business interests, banks or big corporations. We represent people, and have been doing so since 2001. Our clients are people who are facing a  battle with the government over their freedom . Some are at risk of being incarcerated the rest of their lives. Others simply want to save their reputation and see a fair trial. Either way, we take this responsibility seriously and are deeply honored to defend people from the government.

Eric Allen

Eric Allen is a 2013 graduate of Gerry Spence’s trial lawyers college. He has tried dozens of cases from OVI to Aggravated Murder and has successfully defended people throughout the State of Ohio. Eric has earned the respect of prosecutors and judges throughout the State of Ohio as a tenacious litigator. He is also an experienced post-conviction and appellate lawyer who has handled cases all over the state. He has traveled throughout the United States handling appeals including in North Carolina, Texas, Alabama and Illinois.

Sample of Cases


  • State v W.F., Logan County, charged with rape.  Not guilty.
  • State v H.M, Charges of attempted murder dismissed.
  • State v K.R, charges of rape reduced to non-sex offense misdemeanor.
  • State v M.B, Logan County, charged with rape, aggravated burglary and aggravated robbery. Not guilty on all charges.
  • State v J.P, Logan County, charged with numerous counts of rape.  Not guilty on all charges.
  • State of Ohio v J.S., Logan County, Ohio charged with sexual misconduct with his children. Acquitted on all charges.
  • State of Ohio v D.R., Logan County, Ohio charged client with felonious assault.  Charges dismissed.
  • State of Ohio v J.G., Portage County, Numerous charges of sexual misconduct dismissed.
  • State of Ohio v S.S., Portage County,  dozens of charges dismissed, plead to a single count.
  • State v C.M.,  Muskingum County, Ohio. Acquitted of aggravated murder.
  • State v R.S., Muskingum County, Ohio. Acquitted on all charges.
  • State v J.A. , Auglaize County, Ohio. Acquitted of second-degree burglary, convicted of fourth degree burglary.
  • State v S.C., Auglaize County, acquitted of OVI


United States Supreme Court

  • R v C,  Part of a team that argued in front of the Supreme Court of the United States.  Dealt with rights of client on Death row in Texas.

Ohio Supreme Court

  • H. v W. Holding that the Ohio Adult Parole Authority should follow its rules and regulations when it determines parole eligibility.

Ohio Court of Appeals

  • State v C.K. . Holding that trying co-defendants together was an abuse of discretion.  Client entered a plea to lesser prison time.
  • State v H.W., The state lacked sufficient evidence to find Appellant guilty of aggravated arson.  Client released from prison.
  • State v B The trial court abused its discretion in not holding a hearing on a motion to withdraw a guilty plea.  Client entered a plea to lesser prison time.
  • State v R.T, The trial court erred in relying on information outside of the record to determine a motion to withdraw a guilty plea.  Client plead to a lesser charge,

Habeas Corpus

  • L.K. v Warden Illinois case where a mentally handicapped, brain damaged, epileptic man represented himself in a capital murder trial.
  • T.H v Warden.  Petitioner was tried and convicted in civilian court.  The North Carolina Supreme Court reversed.  He was then acquitted.  After serving his country with distinction, they charged him with the same thing he was convicted of in civilian court.  We attempted to stop the military court from trying him again.
  • N.S. v Warden, Sixth Circuit reversed District Court findings.
  • H.M v W.E.  State habeas corpus dealing with bond.  Ohio Supreme Court determined a million dollar bond was unreasonable and reduced the bond.

“Mother enters guilty plea in boys’ drowning”

The mother of two boys who drowned in the Muskingum River pleaded guilty yesterday to two counts of child endangering barely a week after a jury acquitted her husband...

“Bond Modified In Case”

The bond for Charles Wycuff, the man accused of sexually abusing a minor, was modified by a visiting judge from the Ohio Supreme Court on Tuesday during a hearing at the Franklin County Court...

“An Execution Draws Closer”

Last fall, when I wrote about the murder of a woman and her two children and the twenty-five-year legal saga to prosecute the killer, Tim Hennis had quite a few legal options...

“Ohio Executes Killer”

The first inmate to die by lethal injection in Ohio in more than a year argued to the end that his obesity would make it difficult for prison staff to find suitable veins in his arms...

“Civil Appeal Filed In Fort Hood Massacre Case”

A civilian lawyer for accused Fort Hood killer Army Maj. Nidal Hasan filed an appeal with a federal court on Friday intended to bar the government from using secret surveillance evidence...

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