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How to find the right attorney

There is no magic answer to this question. The internet, television, and even lawyers themselves will talk about how they will fight for you. So it is difficult to tell which lawyer will fight for you. Ask the lawyer three questions: Ask if the lawyer has ever defended an unpopular client. Ask the lawyer if they have ever tried a case that was a sure loser. Ask the lawyer if he has ever been chewed out by a judge for fighting for his client. Those are easy answers and if the lawyer can’t say yes it is unlikely they will fight for you.

Gerry Spence says: “Lawyers should be chosen because they can demonstrate a history rich in human traits, the ability to care, the courage to fight, the will to win, a concern for the human condition, a passion for justice and simple uncompromising honesty. These are the traits of the lawyer.”

If your lawyer is more concerned about the retainer than about you as a person, you do not have a good lawyer. If he/she is willing to go to battle while out-manned, you have a good lawyer. If he/she demonstrates compassion even when the rest of the courtroom is repulsed by the defendant, you have a good lawyer. If they tell the truth, even when it hurts. You have a good lawyer.

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